Compass Picture

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Draw a picture using compass points.


Outdoor - Pegs, string, 30cm ruler, (mallet if ground hard), Compass point reference sheet
Indoor - Graph paper, pencil, Compass point reference sheet

Additional - looked at this and thought it was great, but there are no resources, then found a whole evening plan from East Leigh Scouts which is now attached - this involves more activities than those listed here.


Convert a simple picture to a set of compass barings and paces (e.g. North 2 paces, East 2 paces, South 2 paces, West 2 paces makes a square)
- More complex shapes will need more moves

There are two options:
- Indoors with paper and pen
- Outdoors with string and pegs in the grass

They then work out what they have drawn, hopefully finishing at the same place they started if the bearings were accurate.

on activity 4 change last line west to east


  • compass
  • Drawing
  • Pictures

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