Map symbol bingo

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A game of bingo with map symbols from OS maps instead on numbers.


1) Bingo cards showing map symbols.
2) Map symbol flash cards for caller.


1) Participants are handed out bingo cards containing various map symbols.
2) A caller has a full set of flash cards which they shuffle then turn over one at a time and call out the symbol.
3) The particiapants have to find the symbol on thier card and mark it off.
4) You can play corners, lines and full house depending on time.
5) Don't forget to shout "bingo!" when you get a winner.
6) Laminating and making the callers cards double sided (symbols on one side and description on the other) saves confusion as the cubs can run the activity amongst themselves and the cards are likely to last longer.

7) For a more challenging game rather than use the bingo cards this game can be played with the flash cards alone by shuffling the deck and dealing all the picture cards to the players. Whilst the descriptive cards are used by the bingo caller. This way not being able to see the symbols the cubs are relying on having learnt the symbols meanings to know which symbol to cross off.


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