Beaver Money Box

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Money box to collect coins for charity


Kitchen towel roll (will make 2), cereal box (one will do many). Scissors, Glue (we use glue sticks), crayons, colour pencils


1. Cut each kitchen roll in half (to the size of a toilet paper roll).
2. Trace around the bottom of the kitchen roll onto old cereal box , and then add about 1 inch around. Cut out around the outer circle, and then cut lines towards the centre circle. Fold these up to the centre circle, and glue to the bottom of the kitchen roll. This will form the bottom of the money box.

On the night:
1. Cut out and colour in beaver pieces.
2. Colour in kitchen roll, or cover in brown paper (if available). Can use brown wrapping paper if you have it or brown construction paper.
3. Glue pieces onto the roll in the appropriate places.



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