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Are you my Mummy?

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Based on the Dr Who episode 'The Empty Child' this game is a fun way of helping cubs to learn each others names. (Useful when a number join at one time)


One chair per cub
Blacked out swimming goggles
Gas mask


- Cubs sit on chairs in a circle facing inwards
- Choose one Cub to go to the centre of the circle and put on blacked out swimming goggles and a gas mask (or similar)
- The remaining Cubs can now move around and take different seats
- The Cub in the centre then sits on one of the cubs and says 'Are you my Mummy?'
- The Cub they are sitting on replies 'No'. They can disguise their voice although experience suggests this is not necessary
- The Cub has to guess who they are sitting on
- If correct swap places. If wrong have another go
- It is sometimes best to swap after three unsuccessful attempts


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