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These activities are designed to give an introduction to Parliament and some of the main aspects of its work.
The 3 sections ‘Introduction’, ‘Making Laws’ and ‘Debating’ are designed so that they can be used individually or as a concurrently running session of three.
If used together they should be done in the following order; Introduction followed by Making laws and then debating.


See files attached, up to date newspapers, pencils papers


All is explained in the different documents attached below however.

Introduction Quiz Activities
The idea with these quizzes is that the amount of time spent on this introduction can be flexible. Just one of the three can be used as a brief introduction on its own as all are designed to stand alone.
The activities also work well if one of the quizzes is done alongside the picture quiz. This just gives a visual aspect to the learning as well as the knowledge base built up from either the short or longer quiz.

Making laws activity
The idea of this activity is to look at how Parliament passes new laws and why this is one of its most important roles. This works best if following on from one of the introduction quizzes so that there is a small amount of prior knowledge.
The aim of the activity is to get participants to think through the process of coming up with a new law by having a go themselves.
This activity can stand alone and end on the students sharing their ideas for their new law.
It can also lead on in to the debating activity as the next stage.

Debating activity
The idea of this activity is to look at the role debating plays in Parliament and to develop some debating skills.
There are a few different warm up activities. Either all of these activities can be used or individual warm up activities can be used depending on how much time the group has. If a group is particularly vocal and doesn’t need any warm up they could go straight in to the debate.
The House of Commons style debate is a great ending to the work on debating skills as it gives a chance to put in to practice the skills that have been learned.


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