Scout Camp Hygiene

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Get the Scouts to think about Camp Hygiene




Get the Scouts to talk about hygiene on camp making sure the following areas are covered:
Personal Hygiene - What they need to do (wash, clean teeth, etc), How often they need to do this, Why they need to do it (more pleasant for those sharing a tent with, could get ill), Consequences of not doing it (get ill and have to go home, vomitting, get serious illness if do not wash hands e.g. e-colli, etc)
Kitchen Hygiene - What do they need to do after they have cooked/prepared food (wash-up, wipe down etc), why they need to do this (limit risk of food poisiooning, food contamination, etc), Consequences of not doing this (we will not move onto next activity until it is done, patrol could get ill and may not be person who cooked, patrol members may have to go home as they are ill)
Both need to be good otherwise they will lose points at inspection each day.
Remind them they will be responsible for their hygiene on camp
If time take them into the Kitchen and get them to wipe down so that they know what to do.


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