Traffic lights game

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A run around game for Anchors following instructions as traffic light signals are called

For Beavers this is supported by the GGNZ Programme Team




Children run around the room. If the leader calls Green - they continue to run. If leader calls Amber they walk around. If leader calls Red they stop. Further 'add-ons' to this basic core game, include: leader calls 'Traffic Jam' - all children sit down. Leader calls 'Wide Load' - children stand still with arms outstretched and legs wide apart. If you're having your beavers follow a specific circular route (around a hall or park, say), you can also add a leader call of 'U-Turn', at which the children reverse direction.

Alternative: red means to stand to attention, amber means at ease and green means stand easy.


  • beavers
  • game
  • Pippins
  • road safety
  • running
  • traffic lights
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