Lightweight food sampling

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An activity to find out what lightweight foods the kids like and would be willing to eat while wild-camping!




You could get each patrol to make food and work out the weight per person, calories per person, cost per person and "taste" (if the following can be tasty?!) Then they can decide which is best.

Here are a few ideas, please add to them:

Spaghetti bolognese - dry weight/person: 120g, feeds 2, calories/person: 332, cost: 71p/person
ASDA Meat Free Bolognese
ASDA Smartprice Pasta Shapes

Cottage pie - vegetarian - dry weight/person: 150g, feeds 2, calories/person: 332, cost: 74p/person
ASDA Meat Free Savoury Mince
ASDA Chosen by You Mashed Potato

Pot noodle - dry weight: ??, feeds 1, calories/person: 418, cost: £1/person (or less)

Travel lunch freeze dried meals - dry weight: 125g, feeds: 1, calories/person: 600, cost: £5.50/person

Wayfarer Boil in the bag - weight: 350g, feeds: 1, calories/person: 320, cost: £4/person

"Look what we've found" boil in the bag (sainsburys/asda), with 100g pasta each: weight/person: 250g, feeds: 2, calories/person: 275, cost/person: £1.06

Tuna noodle wrap:
Pitta bread


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