Fill in the promise blanks

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Learning the promise by filling in the missing words as quickly as possible, either with our promise or another country's.


Cards with the promise written out with words missing. A selection of cards with words on, some of which are the missing words.


Split the colony into groups (perhaps into lodges). Each group is given a card with the promise written on, with some words missing. They are also given a selection of cards with one word on, some of which are the missing words. The more words you give them the longer it will take them. These cards should be face down until the game starts. When everyone is ready, start the game. The Beavers have to put the missing words onto the promise card as quickly as possible. They shout out when they have completed it. The first group to complete it correctly wins.

This could be done either with our promise, or with another country's promise, or even both to make it last longer! If done with our promise it meets a requirement of the Promise Challenge. If it is done with another country's promise it meets a requirement of the Global Challenge. Just watch which one you are completing.


  • Global Challenge
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  • promise challenge

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