Unihoc Challenge

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Challenge teams of cubs to unihoc skills challenges


Unihoc sticks, balls, bean bags or other markers, stop watch


a) Lay out an identical assault course for each team of cubs, include obstacles to weave in and out of, a goal shoot and other items to test their control.
allow each team a practise run. then run as a relay race. Can award points for the team that was quickest as well as the most accurate team and individual cub.
b) Pair up the cubs position them approx 5 meters apart, challenge them to see who can manage the most passes in 1 minute.
Demonstrate a controlled pass between two people, it may also prove more fun and easier to only have 2 - 3 pairs at a time attempting this.
c) Play a match. Cover rules before starting e.g sticks not to be raised above waist height, and explain how to "bully off"
Either allow the match to run for a set time, to a set number of goals or rotate teams out after a certain time.


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