Fizzy Beans

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Physical exercise session




Talk about what the heart does - pumping blood round the body, blood carries food/ oxygen to different parts of the body.

Get beavers to find their heart beat, count the number of beats in 30 second.

Carry out Fizzy Bean Session - acting out 'bean' related things:
- broad bean - make yourself as wide as possible
- string bean - make yourself as tall as possible
- baked bean - small as possible
- runner bean - run on the spot
- jumping bean - jump on the spot
- chilli bean - run around flapping hands saying "ei ei ei"
- french bean - put finger to corner of mouth (maybe ignore during coronavirus) and say "ooh laa laa"

Find heart Beat and re count for 30 seconds.

What has happened? Why? body is working harder so parts of the body need more oxygen.

Why is it important we exercise? what does exercise do for us?
How much exercise/sport do you do?
What do you enjoy about sport? What sport do you do?


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