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Ask your section to bring in an object that they associate with India (e.g. a cricket ball, poppadoms, a sari). Hold a show-and-tell session.
What can your section tell you about India? You could use these questions as prompts or as the basis for a quiz:
- What is India’s capital city?
- What colours are used in India’s national flag?
- What is India’s national language?
- What is the climate in India like? How is it different to the UK?
- What continent is India on?
- Find India on a world map. What countries neighbour it?
- What animals could you expect to find in India?
(See the leader’s notes page for all the supporting information you need)
Give your section a print-out of the Indian flag for them to colour in.
Make a tiger or elephant mask using a paper plate, paint, felt tips, crayons, pipe cleaners (and any other craft bits and bobs you have), scissors (to cut out the eyes) and some thin elastic.
Ask your section to spend a week collecting travel brochures, holiday pictures and images of India - its famous landmarks, people, foods, festivals and traditional dress. Make a giant montage as a section, or a smaller one in groups.


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