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Jurassic Adventure

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Locate a dinosaur egg, and safely transport it back to base. (From PoL).


Rope (thin)
Selection of canes or small pioneering poles. Large melons. Paper/card to write the
clues on.


- Purchase a large melon per Patrol and hide them around the playing area.
- Supply each Patrol with a selection of canes (or suitable wood if available) and sisal
type rope, along with clues where find their dinosaur egg.
- The Patrols locate their egg and build a carrying device which will transport the egg
safely to base without them holding it.
- Once ready, with at least two holding the device, they negotiate an obstacle course
ensuring that the 'egg' does not fall off until they reach the end.
- The melons can then be cut up and eaten as a refreshing reward.


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