Capture the Flag

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Wide Game


two flags;
two groundsheets;
a way to mark out zones


Start by separating them into two even teams. Each team has a different colour flag which they place in their "home zone".
Start game by blowing the whistle.
Each team has to try to locate and take the flag from the opposite team and bring it back to their own zone. If any opposing team member is 'caught' in the others zone then they are tagged and go to a "prison' (the ground sheet) until released by a team member, or by the Leader shouting "jail break". If Jail break is shouted all imprisoned people are released, if tagged by a team member then only one player can be released at a time. If the flag is caught before making it over a preplanned halfway point, then it is placed when it was when caught.

This game can be made easier to allow for use by Beavers by shortening the area used.


  • adventure
  • camp activity
  • Outdoor activity
  • wide games

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