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A charades race based game




This might be one of the best games of all times! FFEACH is a charades race and the categories are Fast Foods, Electrical Appliances, and Cartoon Heroes.

Teams compete against each other to complete a predetermined list of items. We use the term "compete" loosely, as it is a charades race, afterall...
Divide the group into 2 or more teams.
Have the group spread out so that they can't overhear the next team's answers.
Ask one member from each team to come to the you.
Whisper the first word into the ears of the volunteers, and release them to their groups at the same time.
Once a member of the group guesses the word correctly, someone new runs to the instructor for the next word. Advise the group when you are giving instructions that no one can come up for a word twice until everyone has gone up once. This helps ensure that everyone participates.
The team members must tell the instructor what word their team just guessed, and the instructor tells the new volunteer the next word on the list.
The object of the game is to complete the entire list without cheating.

Here is a sample list - you can change the list as you see fit, based on participant age, interests, etc.

1. Superman
2. Curly Fries
3. Bob the Builder
4. Iron
5. Remote Control
6. Pepperoni Pizza
7. Incredible Hulk
8. Dishwasher
9. Microwave
10. Chicken Nuggets
11. Fruit Juicer
12. Scooby Doo
13. Batman
14. iPod
15. Cheeseburger
16. Defibrillator
17. Spiderman
18. Washing machine
19. Bart Simpson
20. Onion Rings


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