Magic Carpet

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A great team building game, where teams are flying on their magic carpet, before realising that it's upside down! They need to work together, as a team, to flip the magic carpet over without falling off.


Enough sheets, tarpaulins, rugs or blankets that are big enough for each team to stand on.


Split everyone up into teams of six, and then give them a sheet - this is their magic carpet.
Each team should get into a space and lay their magic carpet flat on the floor. They should then stand on the sheet.
Get each team to say a magic word to make their carpet lift into the sky.
Once the carpets are in the sky, the leader should tell the teams that they've just checked, and the carpets are all upside down!
The teams need to work together to flip the carpets right-side up without standing on the floor.
Allow the teams to try and solve the problem themselves before giving them hints - one at a time - using the solution provided.


  • team building

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