Water Games

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Get wet games for a hot summers day.


2 buckets and1 jumbo sponge per team and water
Towels and a change of clothes
Water bottles
Plastic cups


Over and Under
Similar to the game where you pass a ball over head then between legs but instead of a ball a wet sponge is used and dunked on water every time it gets back to the front of the line.

Fill the Bucket
player 1 soaks sponge runs to empty bucket at other end of playing area and squeezes out all the water into empty bucket. Runs back and hands sponge to next player who repeats above. Each player goes twice.

Water Cup Derby
Relay Race, full bucket at start, empty at the end, fill the cup with water, put it over their head and run to the bucket and pour it in. Run back and tag next person. Most water wins

Last Game
Children to ‘wait’ while Leaders set up next game! Leaders run up and throw water on them shouting WATER FIGHT! water fight until water runs out.


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