Team Challenges Evening

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A series of six challenges for the Cubs to complete in teams


* Team score sheets
* Leaders' score sheets
* Leader's instructions for tower building
* Leader's instructions for codes, 3 copies of code cracking sheet, answer sheet, 6 sets of code sheets
* Leader's instructions for candle lighting
* Leader's instructions for passing objects
* Leader's instructions for signs and symbols, answer sheet, 6 sets of signs and symbols sheets
* Leader's instructions for bean moving
Note: see each leader's instruction sheet for a full summary of resources required - this list is just the downloadable resources


Cubs spend 10 minutes on each of the six activities:
* After they are put into their teams they go to the first base where they will get their score sheet – they must look after this carefully.
* They must not start the base until the first whistle blow.
* They will all have a go at each base (run through what they are) – points will not only be awarded for achievement, but also for how well they work together as a team. They will lose points for lack of team work.
* There will be a two minute warning (one whistle blow) before the end of each base and then two whistle blows when it is time to move on. They will be told which base they have to go to next (it's on the leaders' sheets)
* At the end, the Seconder should come and give Akela their score sheet, while everyone helps clear up. Additional points will be awarded for clearing up skills.
* When the clearing up is done they must sit quietly in their teams. First team sitting quietly will also gain extra points.

The record sheets for each team should go to first base leader.

(A) Tower building: Using only newspaper and tape build the tallest tower possible, that stands up by itself, in 10 minutes.
Leader instructions, leader score sheet, newspaper, sellotape, tape measure, pen

(B) Codes: Give the Cubs a code cracking sheets and eight coded quotes. They have 10 minutes to decode as many of the quotes as they can. They earn bonus points if they know which children's book the quote comes from.
Leader instructions, leader score sheet, answer sheet, code cracking sheet, quote sheets (x6), pens (x4)

(C) Candle lighting: Cubs are provided with garden canes, matches, sellotape, string and elastic bands. There is a tea-light some distance away. Without getting any closer, they must light the tea-light with the equipment provided.
Leader instructions, leader score sheet, tea-lights, garden canes, matches, sellotape, string, elastic bands, stopwatch, pen

(D) Passing objects: The team has various objects (see leader instructions). They must transport as many objects as they can across a space in 10 minutes without using their hands/arms (ie feet, knees, mouths are all fine). They gain points for each object that makes it across but lose points every time they touch it with their hands or drop it.
Leader instructions, leader score sheet, objects to transport, pen

(E) Signs and symbols: Cubs are given sheet containing various signs, symbols and pictures. They need to identify as many as they can in 10 minutes. They earn one point for each correct answer.
Leader instructions, leader score sheet, answer sheet, picture sheets (x6), pens (x4)

(F) Moving beans: Cubs are provided with straws, a plate full of beans and a spare plate several metres away. They must transport as many beans as possible in 10 minutes. Only one Cub can go at a time. If they drop their bean before they get to the next plate they must leave it and go to the back of the line. They earn one point per bean.
Leader instructions, leader score sheet, bag of beans, 2 metal plates, 36 straws, pen


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