Junk Music

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Make music using everyday objects and rubbish


Anything you can get some a local scrapstore, or that you have in the cupboards at home - eg: - Yoghurt pots, - Split peas or lentils, - Glass bottles, - Water, - Metal spoons - Saucepans and their lids - Wooden spoons - Comb - Paper - Elastic bands - Anything else that you can think of


- Collect suitable items to make music with. This can include instruments that might have been made in previous meetings
- Split the Beaver Scouts into groups and let them choose their instruments
- They go away with a Leader or adult for as long as necessary and in their groups they form bands and make up a short performance. This could just be playing music, or accompanying a song, or a short drama.
- The Colony then comes back together and each group performs for the rest.


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