Newspaper Islands

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This is a variation of musical chairs, but no one is out and the Beaver Scouts have to work together


Music and something to play it on


- Lay on the floor some sheets of newspaper and explain to the Beaver Scouts that when the music stops they have to all stand on a piece of newspaper
- Unlike Musical chairs, no one is out and more than one person can stand on any piece of paper
- After each time remove a sheet of newspaper, as more pieces of newspaper are removed the Beaver Scouts will have to work together to stand on fewer pieces of newspaper
- After finishing the game talk with the Beaver Scouts about how they had to work together and co-operate with each other to be able to all stand on 1 piece of newspaper

(It might be easier to use a broadsheet sized paper rather than a tabloid sized paper. If you don't have any music, shouting go when you want the Beaver Scouts to run around and stop when you want them to stand on the islands)


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