crisp flavour maker

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Scouts (in groups depending on numbers) to choose ingredients from the table, mix up and add to bag of salt and shake. May need to limit 3 different spice choices per bag of crisps.

Choose a name for your invented flavour and make a marketing poster for your product.

Leaders to taste and judge best flavour/design.

Scouts to munch crisps.


Salt and shake crisps

Various food spices. (garlic powder, curry powder, Chinese 5 spice, paprika, BBQ seasoning, e.t.c. chocolate power if you want to make it interesting)

paper, pens


Scouts in teams choose different spices off the table ( you can limit them to amount of different spices or let them go wiled)

Mix chosen spices in a small dish( only need very small amount of each spice)

tip into bag of salt n shake and give a good shake up.

tip into bowl ready for the taste test

Design a marketing poster for your product and choose a name for your flavour.

after leaders have judged best crisps. Scouts try each others and see which was there favourite.


  • challenge
  • creative
  • crisps
  • design
  • Marketing
  • taste
  • team activity
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