A Trading Wide Game

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Trade beans and pasta to 'buy' glow bracelets or other small prizes


A bag of dried beans such as butter beans
A bag of pasta shells
Glow bracelets or other small prizes - 1 per participant


- Split the group into teams of 4 to 6 people.
- Give each participant either one bean or one pasta shell.
- Send off some adults into the play area (ideally woodland) with bags of either beans or shells. They should move around and can swap what they are offering, but shouldn't hide.
- The Cubs run off to find an adult to trade their bean/shell. Those with beans need to find the adult with shells who will trade 1 bean for 2 shells. Once they have a shell, they need to find the adult with beans who will trade 1 shell for 2 beans.
- Only one item can be traded at a time. The team needs to work together to gather a 'profit' of 30 beans/shells for a team of 6, ensuring that each team member still has one bean/shell to continue with the game.
- Once they have their 30 they go to the Trading Post and buy one glow bracelet. The game continues until they have purchased a glow bracelet for each team member. The winner is the first team to complete this.
- Alternatively you could do it on a time basis and see which team manages to purchase the most glow bracelets.



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