Coastguards and Smugglers

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Wide Game based on tag




Cubs/Scouts are divided into 2 teams - a small team of 'Coastguards' and a larger team of 'Smugglers'. The Coastguards establish a base which will be used as the jail, and the Smugglers are given time to go and hide. The aim of the game is for the Coastguards to capture all the Smugglers and put them in jail. Smugglers are caught by being 'tagged'. Once tagged the Smuggler must go to jail. Smugglers can be released from jail by being tagged by a free smuggler. Only 1 coastguard may be allowed in the area around the jail at any time.


  • Hide and seek
  • Night games
  • Outdoor activity
  • stalking
  • tag
  • team game
  • wide game
  • wide games

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