film canister rocket

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Make a rocket using a 35mm film pot and an alka seltzer tablet


1 x 35mm film canister (the ones that have the seal on the inside are better), alka seltzer tablet, rocket sheet template printed on A4 paper per cub, you will also need a jug of water, scissors, sellotape.


Step 1 Cut out the rocket template pieces. You will need the big rectangle piece first.
Step 2 Take the lid off the film canister and use some sellotape to stick the paper to it.
Step 3 Now roll the paper around the canister and stick with sellotape. The canister should be at the bottom.
Step 4 Take the nosecone template and cut out the triangle to make a cone.
Step 5 Again, use sellotape to stick the ends together. It should look like this.
Step 6 Using sellotape, stick the cone on to the top of the rolled piece of paper. Make sure the film canister is at the bottom.
Step 7 Now cut out all the fins for the rocket and fold along the dotted line.
Step 8 Stick them to the base of the rocket - the film canister will help give it weight.
Step 9 Your rocket is now ready to launch!

Now you need to follow these instructions
for lift-off:
This rocket can fly up to two metres and is best launched outside.
1) Fill the bottom of the rocket with some water - fill the canister about two thirds of the way.
2) Put in half an alka seltzer tablet and quickly put the lid back on the film canister
3) Place your rocket on the floor and stand well back and in a few seconds you'll have lift-off!


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