Pasta Towers

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This activity will require teamwork, problem solving and lots of spaghetti. Using dried spaghetti and Jelly Babies see who can build the tallest and strongest tower to hold an egg.


Dried Spaghetti
Jelly Babies or marshmallows (important due to nature of candy)
Eggs (choice of raw or boiled) or a Ping-Pong Ball
Ruler / Tape Measure - Measuring implement
Timing Instrument - stop watch or watch with second hand


3 or 4 in a group, build on tables

Build a tower using dried spaghetti and Jelly Babies
Points for height of tower supporting egg = 1 point per millimetre
Points for how long supports egg = 1 point per second (max 60 seconds)

Extra points (judges discretion) for fewest materials of tower successfully supporting an egg for maximum time

Scouts can eat Jelly Babies upon completion of activity
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  • Building
  • indoors
  • Pasta
  • pioneering
  • teamwork

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