Marshmallow Airlift

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Wide Game simulating a Food Aid Drop under Enemy Fire


A few Marshmallows in Bags. One Bag for each scout. A Large Rectangular Area. ribbons, 3 for each scout.


Divide the group into two equal teams. Outdoors mark out a large rectangular area. One end of the
area is home base, the other end is the outpost , and in between is enemy territory. The job of the airlift team is to
carry supplies (marshmallows) from home base to the outpost without getting 'shot down' (tagged three times by collecting ribbons tucked into waistband) by the enemy team. The airlift team may carry one marshmallow bag each or may let one or two Cubs carry all the marshmallows in a box while the others protect them as they race from home base to the outpost. Cubs who are tagged three times while carrying marshmallows
are out, and the enemy gets their marshmallows. The team that has the most marshmallows at end of game wins.


  • campfire
  • marshmallows
  • outdoors
  • tag
  • wide game

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