Picture Detective

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This is an interesting way of getting Explorer Scouts to open up about some of their ambitions, fears and moments of pride in a fun and non-threatening way. If their art skills are not the best, it may be wise to keep the time of the game to a minimum. Remind the Explorer Scouts to take it seriously.




- The Explorer Scouts form into small groups and one person is selected to be the detective.
- The rest of the group draws themselves doing what they want to do when the are "grown up". They should have a time limit of about three minutes.
- The sheets are all collected up and given to the detective, who has to describe what they see in the picture and attribute it to the correct artist. This will likely lead to a few, " I never knew you wanted to be a mechanic/doctor" moments.
- A new detective is selected and new sheets of paper are given out each time with the instruction to draw:
*What frightens you the most?
*What annoys you the most?
*What you are most proud of?
*Who is your hero/greatest inspiration?
*As well as any others you might choose.


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  • Drawing
  • indoors
  • Pictures

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