Puzzle Challenge Evening

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Number of bases offer differing puzzle challenges


1. Fruit Guessing : at least 5 fruits cut (where necessary) into rougly equal pieces about size of medium strawberry
One suggestion set might be : Strawberry / Raspberry / Grapes / Melon / Banana / Orange Segments [but use what you can get of course].
ALTERNATIVE - Instead of fruit you can use Crisps - 5/6 different flavours.
2. Set of Matchstick puzzles and 13 (and 24) staves of about 1inch thick and 4ft long (not really matter as long as all same size).
3. Purchase or get out of Christmas Crackers a set of wooden puzzles - I found some in Sainsburys in easy, medium and hard varieties.
Take a photo of the puzzles before dismantling it for the Scouts to look at.
4. Again Purchase or get out of Christmas Crackers a set of metal puzzles - the try to get them apart / put together by twising type.
5. I purchased a set of coloured wooden blocks (need at least 2 colours) from the 'baby' bits stores. You need 8 blocks per set. I use 2 sets.
Make up a board from a card or paper of 9 adjacent squares in a line of a size just bigger than the blocks.
6. Computer and accessories, projector. Prepare a presentation in powerpoint with a different 'celebrity' on each page. Obviously include the Chief Scout and Baden. About 20 slides.
7. Plastic duck puzzles I got from Christmas Crackers again. Any small puzzle will do - especially ones that can be used to form pictures in different configurations.
8. Obtain a set of Sudoko puzzles - I purchased a book with them.

A bell to ring when the groups have to move round to next base clockwise.
Score Sheets - see attached example.
Also attached is an example scoring sheet with example scores in.


Event held at hut.
There are 8 bases, 1 per patrol, visited on a 10 minute rotation.
1. Blindfold fruit guessing [Kitchin]
2. Stave Trouble – using staves to emulate matchstick puzzles (see attached file) [separate room - wooden hut]
Use the 13 match puzzle first. Those that solve it move on the the 24 match puzzle.
The idea of this is moving the puzzle to a large scale - it changes the perspective.
3. Wooden Work – a variety of wooden 3D puzzles [table main hut - corner of room]
4. Metallic Muddle – a variety of metal puzzles [table main hut - corner of room]
5. Block it out – coloured wooden blocks jumping over each other to move to other end [table main hut - corner of room]
6. Picture problems – a guess who set of pictures (see attached example) [separate room - upstairs]
7. Plastic Ducks – some duck shapes to find out of plastic bits [table main hut - corner of room]
8. Sudoko – a set of puzzles, choose one and see how far you get [table main hut - middle of room]
ALTERNATIVE - Use any paperwork type challenges here - a good one is the maze [see attached file].

Description of the wooden work - 8 blocks, 4 of each colour. Set 4 blocks at each end of the board - this leaves one square in the middle.
The challenge is to move all the blocks from one end to the other.
The rules are :
- You may move one block at a time.
- The blocks may only move forward.
- The move may be one square or a jump over one block (ie two squares).

Get each base to give each patrol a score out of 20.


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