Athletics Night

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A selection of track and field events to help Scouts work towards their Athletics and Athletics Plus badges

Edited for Covid


Cricket Ball, Tape Measure, paper, pens, stop watches, cones or markers, egg n spoons with enough spoons for each cub
Disinfectant wipes for cricket balls


Start the evening with Flag and then get everyone outside.

Some leaders to start the warm up activities whilst the other leaders set up the areas for the below:

1. 50m Sprint - All Cubs

The following 3 events split the pack in to their activity sixes:

2. Egg and Spoon Race
3. Standing Jump
4. Throwing

5. 100m relay - All Cubs (do not use the batons) - All Cubs

Cubs who don't hold the Athlete badge will be awarded.

Those that do hold the Athlete Badge will be awarded the Athlete Plus badge if they achieve the standards.

Have a warm down game (if time), badges awarded and flag break.


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