Forming your new group

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Twenty questions but with the aim of helping a new group of cubs to find their sixes!

At the start of session with lots of new cubs, try this game as a means of introducing them and getting them to find their new six!


Post it notes or sticky labels, Marker Pens


Pick sets of six characters from popular films, and write the name of the Film and Character on the label which you stick on the Cubs head. Films might be The Simpsons, Harry Potter, Toy Story, and the Jungle Book (for Leaders and parents to join in!)

When everyone is named, expect a lot of giggling to start with! Then the players mingle and walk around the room asking the sort of questions that can be answered by "yes", "no" and "not applicable" to try to work out who they are.

(The character is "Homer" from The Simpsons)

Am I a cartoon character?

Am I a girl?

Am I married?

Do I have a family?

Do I work in a nuclear facility?

Am I Homer Simpson from the Simpsons?


  • getting to know each other
  • induction

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