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Class to get you under way with the DIY badge


A local participating B&Q - note classes are normally only 8 at a time


Book a class for your scouts with the "you can do it" programme, provide a copy of the badge requirements and discuss the plan in advance so the instructor is aware of what you require

For Part 1 we covered
Be able to work safely in the home, minimising dangers to yourself and others. Have knowledge of:
hazard symbols and signs (for example: toxic, flammable, irritant, electrical danger, slippery surface)
safety equipment (for example: goggles, gloves, masks, ear defenders)

For Part 2 we covered
1. unblocking a sink
2. renewing a tap washer
3. curing an airlock in radiator pipes
4. thawing frozen pipes

For Part 3 we covered
hanging a door and fitting or repairing locks and other door furniture

Whilst at B&Q we also collected sample cards to complete the second task - planning a colour scheme for a room and preparing a sample board


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