The Chocolate Game

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Party game involving rolling a 6 with a dice then dressing up and trying to eat chocolate


big bar of chocolate, wrapped in layers of paper the thickness of newspaper, dice, hat, scarf, gloves, knife and fork, tray


The kids sit in a circle a dice is passed around. Each child rolls the dice. If they roll a 6 they move to the middle and put on a hat, scarf and gloves as quickly as they can. They then have to use the knife and fork and cut through the paper to get to the chocolate. They have to cut single pieces of chocolate off the bar and eat them using the knife and fork. However, in the mean time the dice carries on around the circle. If another child rolls a 6 then the first child must stop, take off the hat scarf and gloves and hand them over to the next child. Carry on until all the chocolate is gone! (Or you could stop earlier and make sure that those kids who haven't had a bit of chocolate get some so no one is disappointed!)

This is better if done in smaller groups so if you have a larger group you could split them in to two groups with two set of equipment/chocolate and have them running at the same time.


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