Smoking, Alcohol & Drugs "who wants to be a millionaire"

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Who wants to be a millionaire quiz covering smoking drugs & alcohol awareness for Scout Fitness challenge


Information cards, Who wants to be a millionaire powerpoint, Laptop, projector, speakers. Sweets or similar for the £1,000,000 prize


Print out the information powerpoint slides, put them up around the room. Give the Scouts 20 minutes to go and read the information with leaders in the background to answer queries as they arise
after 20 minutes get them all together and play who wants to be a millionaire (WWTBAM). - Run the power point. On the first slide click on number 1. the first question will come up. Click on the diamond next to the letter you think is the right answer. If you are right a congratulation slide will show, click in the oval in the bottom left corner to move onto the next slide. If you answer wrong a "sorry" slide come up, click on the WWTBAM logo to go back to the beginning.


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