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6 Round Quiz designed as an evening activity at Camp. (Rounds - Sport in 2012, Film, Picture - Flags, Scouting, Picture - Chocolates, General Knowledge)


Quizmaster armed with a copy of the quiz!
Set of Answer Sheets per team.
Copy of both picture rounds per team.
Joker card per team (prints 2 per page)
Alternative Questions for sports round
Round 1 – Sport
1. In what game is the term Love used”? - Tennis
2. What type of sport is the Tour de France? – cycling
3. Which three sports form the Triathlon? – swimming cycling and running
4. Which team won the six nations in 2017? England
5. How many times has London hosted the Olympic Games? 3
6. Which sport uses the lighted ball? – Table tennis/Ping Pong
7. Where are the 2020 summer Olympics going to be held? – Tokyo
8. How many rings form the Olympic logo? - 5
9. In which sport can you score a bullseye? – darts
10. How many players make up a hockey team? - 11


Print Resources and cut answer sheets in half
Carry out quiz
Decide whether teams will swap to mark answers or whether all will be handed in to a leader


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