Air Activities

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Games and ideas for completing the Air Activities Badge Level 2
Covers Dangers, Model and 1 Task


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Safety Game 1
Allocate 4 corners of the hall to be A,B,C,D
Read the questions from the word document and ask Cubs to run to the corner they think is correct.
Discuss why each answer has been chosen and give the cubs a chance to change their mind.

Aircraft Types Game 2
Print off the Publication, which contains pairs of aircraft of different types.
Use the pictures to play a game of pairs, where the cubs have to identify the type of aircraft, they are not looking for identical picture pairs e.g. 2 helicopters, 2 hot air balloons, 2 passenger jets etc

Build 3 different paper gliders
Then have fun with most accurate throw, distance throw etc

Good Resource download for this is available from


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