Tent Building

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Beavers work together as a team to put up a tent.


Tent (Dome tent etc.), mallet, pegs.


Get Beavers into small teams (e.g. 4 for a 4 person tent).
In a large space, give them the Tent in it's bag. Have them unpack it, and separate out all parts.
Help them lay out the parts of the tent in the right order (depends on the type of tent).
Put up the tent and if outside, peg the ropes into the ground. (If doing this indoors - tie the ropes onto chair/table legs).
Once up, have the team get inside the tent to see what it's like and have a biscuit - not a drink - and afterwards make sure it is clean! If time they can take it down and pack it away.
They may need more help packing it away into the bag correctly.
Then swap to the next team.
If you have enough space and enough tents, have more than one group do this at a time.

Make it a challenge with a prize for the best tent put up!


  • camp activity
  • Outdoor Challenge
  • tent pitching

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