Paralympics Evening

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To discover what it is like to have a disablity and how to overcome it. Firstly ask children to write their name with their normal writing hand, then get them to swap and write it again. How does it feel? Blind-fold trail. Transportation game.


Blind fold give instructions to your partner to help them to avoid the mines on the floor.
(Blind-fold trail: Using twine or thin rope make a trail between trees or fences etc. Putting the rope through some obsticles (a chair, tunnel, boxes or netting) Can also be used indoors using same obsticles. Blind fold the children and lead them carefully through the trail. Have an older Beaver leading and they can give a running commentary of what they are feeling.
Transportation game: Put the Beavers into groups and give them some items to transport to the end of the scout hut. Have some of the children take their arms out of their sleeves and keep them inside their jumpers, some could be blind folded etc and between them they have to transport the items using team work and communication.)


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