Getting to know you

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A game to help everyone, including leaders, learn each other's names. This game adds actions to names. Some people learn better by seeing and doing rather than just listening so this game adds actions.




Get all the young people to form a circle according to age but starting with a leader. Ask all the young people to think of an action that they can do when they say their name, this may be a dance move or an action for a hobby. The leader starts by saying "I'm Haithi" and also doing an action that suits them. The youngest then says "I'm David" whilst doing their own action "and that is Haithi" while doing Haithi's action, then the next says "I'm Sarah and that is David and Haithi", doing the actions for each person. If a person struggles then they can be reminded by the individual whose name they have forgotten doing their action initially. The game continues until the oldest has to recite everyone's names and do their actions.


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