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Promise from another country

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Learn a promise from another country


Colony Programme Plus page 46/47

NETHERLANDS: Bever 5-7 years old - No promise
CANADA: Beaver Scouts 5-7 years old - "I promise to love God and help take care of the world"
HONG KONG: Grasshopper Scouts 6-8 years old - "I promise to be a Grasshopper Scout, to love God, to love people and to love my country"
NEW ZEALAND: Kea Scouts 6-7 years old - "I will try and share my fun and help others"

Saying hello in the language of those countries
NETHERLANDS: Dutch "Morgan"
CANADA: English "Hello"
HONG KONG: English "Hello" and Chinese "Ni Hao" (Nee HaOW)
NEW ZEALAND: English "Hello"


Show the Beavers the Beavers promises from other countries such as the examples in the book. Compare them to see how they match up.


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