Mobile and Internet Communication

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1. Know how to use your Mobile Safely and how to keep it safe.
2. Understand the meaning of the following terms SMS, MMS, 3G, WAP, Bluetooth
3. Send a creative text, multi-media or video message to invite a friend to a scouting activity/event.


Computer with internet access
Mobile phone (not active)
Pen & Paper
Camera with video accces, or mobile phone with video access


Split scouts into groups of no more than three.

Provide each group with a series of materials for writting and creating picture messages. Provide group one with a subject to do with scouting, Group two a subject regarding school. Also each group is given a FAKEs mobile phone number.

1. Each group is to explain what safety fetureas they have set to there own mobile phones.
2. In there groups, using the writing materials provided start creating messages using the list of number that have been provided. A series of picures have been supplied for use in Multi Media Messages.
3. Supply each group with a question paper with various questions regarding mobile phone and internet safety etc, where a group does not know the answer to the question, they can using the writting materials send messages to other members in other groups to ask for clues to the answers.


Ask each scout to create there own email message, which can include videos etc, to invite you to a scout evening. This is to be done to your scout email address and have the Phrase Invite to Scout in the subject Line, along with the names of the scouts sending the message.


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