Bungee running

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Bungee running is an activity where participants are attached to a secured bungee cord and run to reach a fixed target.


Clear area, wide arc, no stumps/roots, flat ground.
Responsible, aware of duties and factsheet from

Preferred one with first aid training
· Attaching Participant
Climbing belt(s), correct knots, screw gate karabiners.
· Clothing
Appropriate to surface and conditions
· Anchorage
Strong and stable, properly made, Two separate points.
· Bungee Rope
Suitably selected and configured. Check for wear and tear regularly


Bungee running involves participants running as
far as they can whilst connected to an elastic
rope, which is anchored to a fixed point. The
normal scenario involves either muddy ground or
tarpaulins covered in soapy water to make the
progress more difficult. Participants try to place
markers at the furthest extension of the bungee
rope. Variations involve balloon bursting en route
and the wearing of fancy dress.


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