New Patrols

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Introducing the patrol system to Troop


List of Troop names
Pictures (or list) of patrol badges


1. Explain the importance of the Patrol system to Scouts and get Scouts excited about independence as patrols etc.

2. Explain role and purpose of Patrol Leaders Council. Explain that PLs will be appointed by SL and ASL for now, but that this may change to Troop Elections in the future depending on the success of the re-introduction of the patrol system. Explain that PLs will appoint their own APLs.

3. Vote on method for patrol selection (I think that we will likely end up with a method in which Scouts put down a number of choices and the PLs together with SL and ASL decide on patrols, but we will see!).

4. Work out our new patrols!

Patrols will be given opportunity to choose a patrol identity and new badges will be ordered. If we have time, this will be done at the end of the session, however, we will be continuing to develop our patrols over the next few weeks and so we can return to this decision at a later date if necessary.


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