North, East, South, West Game

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Energetic running around game where memory and listening makes the difference


You don't need any resources for this game!


Four corners of the hall are designated as North, East, South and West. (north/west, south/west, south/east, north/east)
The players all begin touching the North end of the hall.
The leader stands in the middle of the hall can calls various commands.
If the leader calls a position (e.g. West!) the players must rush to that area.
The last person to execute the command, or any spare people from making a group are out.
Play continues until only one player is left
Scrub the Decks - Pretend to scrub the floor on hands and knees
Climb the Rigging - Pretend to scale a rope ladder
Submarines - Lay down flat on your back with a leg (periscope) in the air
Enemy Aeroplanes - Run around with arms (wings) outstretched making appropriate noises
Lifeboats of (number) - A group of (number) players must sit on the floor with legs outstretched (one behind the other in a line as in a lifeboat) and row
Man Overboard - Each player must find a partner and pick them up off the floor
Captain's Aboard - Everyone must form a line in front of the leader, stand to attention and salute
Freeze - Err, freeze where you are!
Faster - Err, do whatever you are doing faster.
Sharks - find something to stand on and get off the floor
Man the Lifeboats - mime rowing in groups of three


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