Drugs and Their Effects

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A game to let the players know the effects of drugs on people. Taken from Sexual Health for Life - Unit 2 Drug and Alcohol Awareness.


White paper


- Make several copies of the drug information cards attached
- Split the group into several smaller groups and give each group a complete set of cards
- Give the groups 5 minutes to review the drug information cards whilst creating a 3x3 square Noughts and Crosses board using chairs
- Draw for which team to start.

- Ask the first group a question. Note: the drug information cards will not always give the exact answer to the question, so the groups will need to read the cards carefully and after discussion, decide which drug or drugs would be likely to be the correct answer.
- If the group answers correctly they can place a scout on one of the chairs, otherwise it is the second groups turn.
- Winning team is the team that has three Scouts in a row, down, across or diagonal.

- If this is a draw the group with most scouts on the chairs is the winner.


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