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- Depending on the young people, and your leadership style, the amount of responsibility you give them will vary. You might decide to provide them with a list of activities and allow them to choose where they fit in to the programme, or you could ask them to come up with a programme from scratch. This method requires some input from you so that they know what areas they need to cover.
- A popular method of giving the Sixers some responsibility for programme planning is to ask them to fit pre-planned activities into a programme in a logical order for them, and to give them the chance to plan and run a whole meeting for themselves.
- This also helps the Sixers complete a number of the requirements of the Promise Challenge.
- You may like to discuss any point scoring system that you operate, as Sixers may have opinions about how well it works with regard to fairness, encouraging friendly competition, focussing Cub Scouts on activities and providing an incentive for good behaviour.
- As the group evolves as new Cub Scouts join the Pack, and older Cub Scouts move on to Scouts, you may need to evaluate the system so that it is best suited to the Pack as a whole.




In sixes with adult supervision, ideally giving the Sixer the responsibility to run the forum.
Maybe a good idea to have an object that could be held and you can only speak when your holding this object.


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