Beaver Promise Wide Game

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To find all the lines from the Beaver promise and to put them in Order


20 glow sticks in 4 different colours (one colour for each lodge)
a large open space with some where to hide the glow sticks (in trees bushes etc don't make it to hard but not to easy either)
a piece of card for each line of the promise and the motto. see download.


Before they turn up hide the glow sticks in the trees, bushes on the gorund in play equipment or where ever possible don't make it to hard they need to see the glow sticks nut not to easy either.

tell each lodge what colour glow sticks they are looking for and them send them off to hunt for their sticks. once they have found their sticks they are to bring both the stick and the card back to you and them arrange them in the correct order with the motto last.


  • hunt
  • promise
  • wide game

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