DNA Extraction

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Extracting DNA


Clean glass for each person, glass of salty water,nail varnish remover,washing up liquid,jug of water, freezer,wooden kebab sticks


Put nail varnish remover in the Freezer for 10 min,take a clean glass and add 3 tspns of tap water then add 1 tspn of washing up liquid, take a mouthful of salty water and swill it around your mouth. Now get each person to spit the salty water into the glass of washing up liquid and water. Swish the mixture around in the glass for 5 min.Slowly pour some nail varnish remover into the glass, so it forms a layer on top. After 5 mins, white strands will appear in the layer of nail varnish remover. Use the kebab sticks to fish these out- they are your DNA


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