Learn how an air pump works / balloon popping game

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Learning how a bicycle pump works; Relay balloon popping game


A bicycle (or balloon) pump; Enough balloon pumps for each Lodge to have one; enough balloons for there to be one per Beaver plus a few spares


Teach Beavers the basics of how an air pump works - drawing the air in, the piston, the valves and pushing the air out; Get them to name these parts of the pump and ask them a few questions to check their understanding.
The balloon popping game is a simple relay between Lodges where each team has a balloon pump and they take it in turns to run to a table, pick up a balloon, pump it up until it pops and then run back for the next person to go. First team to have everyone complete the task wins.


  • balloon race
  • bicycle pump
  • Mechanism
  • Popping balloon game
  • pump

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