Doing Your Best (Olympians & Paralympians)

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Using examples from the Olympics/Paralympics; discuss the concept of "doing your best" with the YP


Pictures from the Olympics/Paralympics, Pledge Cards


1. Talk to the YP giving examples of how the Olympics/Paralympics inspire people to "do their best"
2. Ask the YP to talk about any examples of Olympians/Paralympians doing their best that they can think of.
3. Get each YP to complete a pledge card by completing the phrase:- "This term, I will do my best by ............................................... "
4. Review these with the YP at various times during the term to see what progress is being made
5. Ask the cubs to choose one example from the Olympics and write a short report on how they did their best (to be done at home)


  • Doing your best
  • Olympics
  • promise
  • promise challenge

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