Akela is looking for...

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Active game getting to know everyone




1. Cub Scouts sit in a circle facing inwards.
2. The leader says, "Akela is looking for someone who …" and adds something like .."has a cat" or "walks to Cubs" or "is wearing trainers."
3. Any Cub Scout who matches the description stands up, steps out of the circle and runs clockwise round it once before sitting back in their own place.
4. If the leader says "I'm looking for" or "someone with" the Cub Scouts should sit still. They only move on the "Akela is looking for" instruction.
5. The game continues either with the leader calling out the instructions or with the first Cub Scout back to their place each time taking over.


  • active
  • circle
  • circle game
  • getting to know each other

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